Monday, November 5, 2018

Te Kauru Camp Writing (2nd Draft)

Rainbows End!!

Butterflies fly through my stomach as I take one step inside we are now entering the great RAINBOWS END!!! I beg my dad to take us to the Fear Fall and everybody agrees cause we did NOT want to go to Drivers Town.There we were about to take flit on the amazing giant FEAR FALL so we hop on. Tai backs out when he was one of the most excited for the ride but never mind so instead of him coming on we ask Oscar if he wants to come on and he does.We are now at the top, butterflies are in my stomach but there extra big butterflies there like albatrosses in my stomach then whoop we go straight down it feels like going over the Kawakawa bumps but 10 times the feeling I was screaming half the time were on there!

 there.  shooting down screaming!! waiting in line with excitement  waiting to fall for my life aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

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  1. I love the descriptive language you have used Tawa. It feels like I am with you on the Fear Fall. 'An albatross in your stomach' is a fabulous simile, it certainly tells me your tummy was churning over and over. Fabulous!